Cycles South (1971)

This film pre-dates Easy Rider and On Any Sunday and trumps both!

Probably the most politically-incorrect road movie you will ever see. Tired of their everyday life of drinking and women-chasing, three guys jump on their BSAs with $300 apiece and ride from Colorado to Panama to indulge in some, er, drinking and women-chasing. This wild documentary shows our heroes living it up on the road, while exhorting the viewer to do likewise before becoming tied down with work and family. These guys squeeze action and adventure out of every moment — diving for their dinner, surfing, dirt-biking, even a spot of bull-fighting! But to make it absolutely clear that this isn’t some kind of introspective soul-searching trip, they also spend a lot of time pursuing every bit of skirt going, including a stop-off at a very groovy commune, where they smoke a load of dope and get frisky with the hippie chicks before indulging in some impromptu nude motocross racing! If you have ever dreamed of hitting the road with a bunch of mates and behaving extremely badly (and who hasn’t?) this film may finally kick you into action!

90 minutes, 16mm colour