Himalayan Adventure (1958)

An inspiring short film from the 1950s ‘housewife explorers’ who defied convention and made history.

In 1958, three English housewives bought a Land Rover and drove it all the way from London to Zanskar, then a part of Tibet. Over five months Anne Davies, Eve Sims, and Antonia Deacock drove 16,000 miles before travelling another 300 miles on foot. Along the way, the women met Jawaharlal Nehru, then the Prime Minister of India, climbed a virgin peak (now known as Wives’ Peak), and crossed Afghanistan without an escort. The trip was sponsored by Ovaltine who supplied the women with a 16mm camera to shoot a TV advert, but the footage was deemed unusable and the film was consigned to a box on top of Anne Davies’ wardrobe. In the spring of 2007, photographer and filmmaker Martin Salter, who had lived in Zanskar in the mid 1980’s, decided to return to make a documentary about the region. On discovering the existence of the women’s film and with the support of Ovaltine he set to re-editing the films with interviews from the three women.

15 minutes, 16mm colour