Hobo (1991)

Our hobo hosts take us on a railroad journey through a country they think has lost its way.

In 1991 Irish film-maker John T Davis, set off on a dangerous, illegal 2,000 mile journey across America, to make ‘Hobo’, his remarkable award-winning intensely personal portrait of an ex-Vietnam vet turned Hobo, who calls himself Beargrease. Davis follows Beargrease as he hops the railways from North Dakota through the Rockies to the Pacific, on a bitter, cold, hard track known as the Highline. Hiding his 16mm camera in his bed-roll, Davis jumped trains and led the life of a hobo. With a stunning musical sound track from the likes of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, the film documents the daily life of this fiercely independent man, whose personal philosophy is a mix of common sense and profound anger at the condition of modern America. His thoughts and stories, and those of the other ‘boxcar philosophers’ he meets along the way, throw up major questions about human nature, responsibility and the true cost of freedom.

90 minutes, 16mm colour