Mondo Enduro (1995)

This isn’t the world’s most famous motorcycle TV show, but it should be.

Starring and directed by our very own curator, Austin Vince, Mondo Enduro is the original adventure-motorcycling movie that inspired all others, including Ewan MacGregor’s Long Way Round. In 1995 seven school friends set off from London on second-hand Suzuki DR350s with home-made luggage, a video camera, no puncture repair kit, and not much of a clue about anything except that they wanted to ride the longest possible land route in the shortest possible time. Fourteen months later three of the original seven riders rolled back into London, having clocked up 44,000 miles across four continents, and learned a lot about repairing punctures in the process. The footage of the trip was picked up by the Discovery Channel who edited it into a TV show, earning Mondo Enduro the cult status it enjoys today. Both hilarious and inspiring, if you have ever thought you are too inexperienced or under-prepared to make The Big Trip, watch this film and think again!

96 minutes