Motosyberia (2007)

An incredibly imaginative film of one of the toughest motorcycle trips ever undertaken, a masterpiece!

Maciek Swinarski is one of the top adventure film-makers in the world today. His latest film is the story of a seriously hardcore motorcycle ride from his native Poland to Magadan in eastern Siberia, and has made him a household name in his homeland. Imbued with a sense of humour so often absent from travel documentaries, Swinarski fully engages with the local people as he and his three travelling companions cross the imposing Russian landmass on their KTM640s. He shares this amazing experience not only with the viewer, but also with the people he meets along the way. Motosyberia is the antidote to the contrived ‘reality’ TV which dominates our screens today – genuine back to basics stuff, real life action, with all the hardship and adventure that entails.

63 minutes