The Mongol Rally (2009)

The most recently shot of this year’s entries, an invigorating splurge of long distance silliness that many think is all but extinguished in the modern world.

In 2001 a couple of inebriated young Englishmen bought an over-priced, under-maintained Fiat 126 and attempted to drive to Mongolia. They failed miserably. But the seeds of the now legendary Mongol Rally were sown. Three years later they had a whopping six cars at the start line, and in 2007 the Mongol Rally sold out in 22 seconds with 200 cars ready to roar, rumble and eventually limp their way to Ulaan Baatar. The rules are simple — the car must be under 1000cc and you’re on your own. This is no guided tour with a set route and support vehicles. If you break down, get stuck or get ambushed — tough luck, after all, as the organisers point out, it’s meant to be an adventure. This film of the 2009 event follows the escapades of the gung-ho competitors as they struggle the 10,000 miles, tackling mountains, deserts and non-existent roads in their rapidly deteriorating vehicles. Presented by ‘complete fool’ Buddy, who hitches a ride in any car that will have him, you can’t help but watch this film and be thankful there is still some lunacy left in the world.

90 minutes