Yenisey River Expedition (2001)

If you want tough, this is it. It’s hard to say what’s more impressive, this breathtakingly adventurous expedition or the sheer skill and tenacity required to film it so superbly.

It’s not all about engines at the Adventure Travel Film Festival. The Yenisey River Expedition charts the first ever descent, from source to sea, of the 3440 mile Yenisey River, set against a backdrop of fairytale cultures and forbidding wilderness. The Yenisey rises in the heart of Mongolia and flows north, through Siberia, and into the Arctic Ocean. It is the fifth longest river on the planet, and at the arrival of the new millennium no one had ever navigated its entirety. Colin Angus, along with his adventuring friends, Ben Kozel, Remy Quinter and Tim Cope, endeavoured to be the first to run the Yenisey using kayaks, an inflatable raft, and eventually a wooden boat they found abandoned on the shore of Lake Baikal. The Yenisey is frozen for more than half the year, so the small team had just a five-month window to accomplish this feat. Dramatic footage captures their successful journey and provides an intimate, and often entertaining perspective of a frozen nation emerging from the collapse of communism.

59 minutes