Above and Beyond Dream (2010)

In a field of already spectacular films this masterpiece will have you shaking your head in disbelief and muttering: Could anything be more perfect?

Benjamin Jordan’s idea was simple; to power paraglide across Canada, set a Guinness world record but above all, to raise funds for children’s camps across his great nation. He achieved all of these but the soaring perfection of this film lies elsewhere. He and his team have managed to produce quite the most unique film at this year’s festival. Naturally, it is the film of his bold project but it is utterly devoid of macho posturing, endless ‘video diaries’ and the me, me, me that often characterises solo adventures. Benjamin always knew that this film would never be about him. Instead, he has the hugely manly humility to suggest that the staggering natural beauty below him, melded with the warm smiley faces of the children he encounters are the real stars of the show. The curators were moved to tears when they first saw this film and it is with great pleasure that we urge you to have your spirits lifted by this truly milestone production.

Video 69 minutes