Call of the White (2009)

The Adventure Travel Film Festival is always keen to debunk the myth that the square jawed ‘adventurer’ is male. An all-woman team attacks the South Pole and is victorious!

Turn your computer on and start googling ‘Felicity Aston’. This staggeringly adventurous alpha-female ice maiden is a legend in the European snow-scene and rightly so. In 2009 she led a group of women on a 38-day slog to the south pole. Not content with the endless challenges such a venture obviously entails, Felicity’s ‘can do’ attitude inspired her to recruit a diverse team from across the Commonwealth. Along with this healthy international Antarctic footprint she insisted that the line-up was 100% novice. This is class ‘A’ inspirational uncut adventure gold-dust. The ladies were, by definition, out of their element. These weren’t an Amazonian cohort of Playtex Ranulph Fiennes clones. Quite the opposite; the girls next door, dragging 100kg sledges across the endless crackling ice at the bottom of the world. Was it trouble free in this age of down sleeping bags, GPS and force ten tents? Watch and learn, then squirm in your seat as you mumble to your neighbour that you were glad they didn’t invite you. Oggle and enjoy this film and then think twice before complaining that you’ve had ‘a hard day’…

Colour Video 43 minutes