Four Strokes of Luck (2011)

When the curators had the outline of this film explained to them, over a crackling telephone line from Australia, they thought they must have misunderstood. That could never have happened.

In 2010 Roly Stokes and Adam Broadbent were doing something that most folk would find pretty exciting; they were riding their motorbikes from Chile, north up to Alaska. Overlanders will point out that the roadless ‘Darien Gap’ that straddles Colombia and Panama means that everyone flies or freights their bikes over this irritating hiatus in the otherwise homogenous perfection of the Pan American Highway. Not so our two Australian heroes! Oh no, their plan is to arrive in the Columbian port of Turbo, ‘acquire’ an abandoned lifeboat, heave their bikes into it and somehow connect their front sprockets (yes, both of them) to the spindly propshaft. What happens next beggars belief. If you were umming and ahhing about whether to attend this year’s festival, this film alone is the reason you should come. Prepare to gasp!

Video 75 minutes