Le Grande Detour (2009)

With no unkindness intended, round-the-world bicyclists are a dime a dozen. However, within that listing, gifted, artistic film-makers are super rare — but we’ve got one here.

Delphine and Damien have done a truly stupendous around the world tandem bicycle ride. But cycling is a slow, steady rhythmic world that doesn’t favour those who want quick cut MTV madness. Thankfully, Damien and Delphine’s film is a healthy example of the middle ground. It melds the dreamy low velocity cadence of cycling with the film-makers urgent urge to ‘move the story on’. They take us from Kathmandu back to their native France. Enjoy the fabulous scenery and truly imaginative videography and be grateful we have such artistic hosts on this very, very long journey. Verily, this tandem couple relish the wide open world and encourage us to travel with them.

Video 52 minutes