Mazungu (2008)

A film that adds weight to the notion that all the coolest adventures are happening on water.

The mighty Congo River rises in Zambia and after 3000 miles of lazy uncoiling, discharges into the Atlantic. Recent foreign office posts advise that the interior of The Democratic Republic of Congo is not to be visited by those concerned with their own safety. Ironically, such is the disintegration of the country’s already fragile infrastructure; it is hard if not impossible to travel freely therein. This didn’t stop plucky paddler Phil Harwood. He spent five months canoeing the Congo and as if that wasn’t enough, found the energy and imagination to make a terrific film about the adventure. Like Indian solo film-maker Guarav Jani, Harwood sets the bar very, very high about what can be achieved if you are patient, creative and diligent. As well as being totally adventurous, this film is a crucial document of Equatorial African social history in the new millennium. Celebrity ‘adventurers’ just will not go there, so it remains for true pioneers like Phil Harwood to show us what life is really like in the Heart of Darkness. Oh, by the way, it wasn’t easy…

Video 48 minutes