MotoSyberia 2.0 – Reactivation (2010)

Adventurous, surreal and utterly original. There is nobody in the world today attempting such penetrating and frankly, bizarre forays into the interior of Russia’s remote far east. No-one that is, except Maciek Swinarski…

Swinarski and his Polish co-riders have established a global cult following, and rightly so. Some might argue that riding a motorbike along a road is not in the least bit adventurous and they’d be right. Thankfully, that’s not what they do. After 2006’s MotoAfryka (Poland to Cape Town) and 2008’s MotoSyberia (Poland to Magadan) the outside observer could think that this man has done it all. Far from it. Magadan, in the Kolyma district of Russia’s Far East is a remote destination for any overlander that brings with it certain ‘bragging rights’. Think on; because it is from Magadan that Swinarski starts his expedition. Thrusting ever north-eastwards he and his team are literally pushing the envelope. This vast wilderness is almost the size of India and has only a handful of humans in it but tens of thousands of bears and deep rivers. Nobody has attempted anything like this before. When you see what these guys did you will join the list of devotees. Swinarski is not like the rest of us, and thank heavens he exists.

Colour video 65 minutes