The Alastair Humphreys Micro-Films (2011)

Alastair Humphreys is a British Adventurer, Author and Blogger. He spent over 4 years cycling round the world, a journey of 46,000 miles through 60 countries and 5 continents.

2011 was Alastair’s Year of Microadventure, a whole year when, instead of exotic foreign adventures, he worked to encourage people to get outside, get out of their comfort zone and go somewhere they’ve never been. Not only that, but also to make a simple film about their experience. A microadventure is an adventure that is close to home, cheap, simple, short, and yet very effective. Adventure is all around us, at all times. Even during hard financial times such as these, times, believes Alastair, when getting out into the wild is more enjoyable, invigorating and important than ever. In a boring, pragmatic world not everyone can muster the time or the money to go on a massive expedition. But everyone, everyone, EVERYONE can manage a microadventure. The festival is proud to present a one hour anthology of these ‘microfilms’ made by sundry members of the public. All short, all perfect, all inspiring us to get up, get out there and get shooting.

Colour video 60 mins