African Odyssey (2005)

Four youngsters from New Zealand motorcycle from Cape Town to London.

Armed with no motorcycle experience and a borrowed camera, four friends from small-town Whakatane, New Zealand, decided to screw the job, the good advice and stories about Africa and set off on the adventure of a life time – crossing the length of the African continent, on motorbikes most people wouldn’t ride to the cow shed.

And did they make it? You bet their bruised backsides they did. Not only did they manage to ride all 21,000km but they beautifully demonstrated how simple these long road trips can be. Sure, there were countless breakdowns, rogue animals, debilitating bouts of diarrhoea and 3072 potholes but that’s what they signed up for. African Odyssey showcases that the essence of adventure travel is the ups and downs, the pleasures and the disappointments. The uncomplicated routine of daily travel in Africa and the joys of sharing such an adventure with friends.

Colour video 90 mins