Alone Across Australia (2001)

A film so startling in its concept and perfect in its execution, that you will spend the weeks after viewing, assuming it was all a dream.

Australian Jon Muir is one of the world’s leading adventure legends and rightly so. Today, at 56 years old, he is still going strong and is the star attraction at the ATFF Downunder. Naturally, like all the brightest supernovae in the adventure galaxy, he is crushingly modest in person and rarely speaks of himself. His presentations are a hearty blend of stand-up comedy and piercing laser-cut wisdom. It’s only after wiping the tears from your eyes that you gradually absorb that this man, by the age of twenty-eight was probably one of the best free-climbers in the world. He has walked to both Poles, canoed in most of the oceans of the world and has made four attempts to walk across Australia. Not for Jon Muir the adventure ‘lite’ walking that sees a 4×4 driving along behind you. Oh no, Jon Muir walks totally unsupported and resolutely without human contact.

This documentary is the self-filmed (and beautifully so) record of his 1600 mile solo crossing of the Australian desert. It took him four months and he survived only by drinking rainwater and eating animals he encountered and then killed. Simply by watching this film and then recounting its staggering content at dinner parties, your social diary will be packed for years to come.

Colour video  50 mins