Janapar (2011)

Janapar, the Armenian word for ‘journey’.  Around-the-world cycling fused with a touching tale of love in wild and wonderful places.

Tom Allen, set off on the get-away-from-it-all trip of a lifetime. Young, naïve and consequently, oozing adventure travel oils from every pore. The purity and perfection of long distance cycling has never been in doubt but this remarkable film offers so much more than that.

Tom was pedalling away over four years and that single fact gives this movie a tremendous depth and sincerity. We at the ATFF love Tom Allen because he so perfectly articulates why ‘Adventure Travel’ is fundamentally a very good thing.

As usual with the films at this festival, he was challenged not only by executing the trip but also self-filming a proper documentary at the same time. It cannot be emphasised what a huge ‘ask’ this becomes. Tom Allen rises to and surmounts all obstacles but something else happens during these months on the road that will change Tom forever. We urge you not to research this film because with enough snuffling on the web you will find out what that thing was. Come to this screening with a blank canvas (your mind that is, not an actual blank canvas) and prepare to leave walking on air and breathlessly intoning the word Janapar…

Colour video 79 mins