Ocean Ambition (2012)

A young Irishman attempts to become part of a world-record winning team rowing across the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco to Barbados.

Ocean rowing is a growing sport in which specialised boats are used to row across open oceans. The sport is as much psychological as it is physical – ocean rowers have to endure months at sea and it’s a given that they’ll be rowing twenty four hours a day, every day. The first ocean row was undertaken by two Norwegians – Frank Samuelsen and George Harbo – who rowed an open wooden rowing boat from New York to France in 1896.

Ocean rowing has been termed by some as ‘the new Everest’; however, despite the increasing number of rows across the Atlantic, Indian andPacificOceans, fewer people (as of 2006) had rowed across an ocean than had climbed Everest or had been into space!! Due to the dynamic nature of the oceans, it is necessary to row with the prevailing winds and currents. This means that an east to west traverse of theNorth Atlanticmust be done in the lower latitudes to take advantage of the Trade Winds and currents, and a reverse journey done in the northern latitudes. Due to the colder and rougher conditions of the north, the majority of Atlantic crossings are east to west. It is 3000 miles from the Canaries to the Caribbean. Although this route starts and finishes on islands, it is considered by most to be a complete Atlantic crossing, and takes advantage of the ideal weather conditions and currents.

Climb aboard and get ready to row around the clock as this plucky team attempts not just to make it, but to do it faster than anyone ever before. Excuse me, I think I’ve got a blister…

Colour video 52 mins