Rowing Across the Atlantic (2012)

Alastair Humphreys is the UK’s leading adventurer. In this short he compresses 45 days of around-the-clock rowing into 6 minutes.

This is a man with a message, open your mind-garden and let Humphreys plant his seed therein… ‘Expeditions are about pitting yourself against nature. This project has frustrated me because much of the struggle has instead been within ourselves (nausea, hunger, exhaustion) and our immediate environment (seats designed during the Spanish Inquisition). Last night though I experienced the addictive sensation I have enjoyed so often on hills and mountains, deserts and rivers. That is the outpouring of a kind of glory that lights up the mind of a man and which comes with surviving and thriving in the world’s wild places and relishing the variety, the beauty and the ferocity of nature.’