We Like Short Shorts 2013

Four short films that all capture the very essence of anything that calls itself an Adventure Travel Film Festival.

Pedal, Paddle and Push (2011)

Six buddies tackle Alaska’s ‘Lost Coast’. How? The clue’s in the name… Their  225 mile trip isn’t a six-month expedition but in a short time they work very, very hard and do what most of us never will.  This simple quote from their blog says it all:

“Best riding of the trip! Always challenging, always unexpected. Steve and I out front, swapping leads, grassy trails past rocky spires, weaving and dropping into chutes, all unexpected, unpredictable, unlikely, improbable and rideable! Awesome.”

Colour video    11 mins

Live Before You Die (1995)

The first film to be screened at this festival shot entirely on super 8 – hurrah for this format! Tom Lloyd spent many exquisite English summers living with a roaming collective of dreamers and alternative lifestyle practioners. He chronicled their simple horse-drawn utopia on his whirring Soviet clockwork camera and if this utterly perfect short doesn’t have you resigning from your ‘cube’ and hitting the road then nothing will. Live before you die…

Colour Super 8    6 mins

The Special Delivery (2010)

A group of South African motorcyclists venture off the beaten track in Lesotho and end up in a tricky section entombed in mud. They are rescued by some local villagers and there begins a special relationship. One of the riders takes an artfully composed family portrait but on his return to the big city, realises it is a gift in waiting. He takes a glossy print, sources some mahogany, makes up a lovely frame which a year later, he delivers in person back to the family. This festival is hugely enhanced with such humbling content…

Colour video    10 mins

Swim the Missouri (2012)

Dave Cornthwaite jumped into the Missouri river at Chamberlain,South Dakota and began swimming towards St Louis,Missouri, towing his gear with him on a carbon fibre raft. Two months later Dave reached St Louis, after a 1001 mile journey, one of the longest swimming journeys in history.  Dave is one of our featured speakers this year, watch this film, meet the man, shake the hand, Facebook your skin.

Colour video    10 mins

Experience Life From Your Sofa (2013)

With hundreds of channels to choose from and a multitude of places to watch them, we can experience so much adventure from our sofa. This short film captures a four day 100 mile journey across Southern England, all experienced without leaving the comfort of the couch.

Colour video    4 mins