White Silk Road (2012)

Afghanistan adventure travel with an extreme sport twist!

This deliciously well-made documentary is, on paper, not really what one might imagine this festival is all about. However, once you’ve watched it you, like us, will be utterly certain that it merited inclusion thrice over! What’s more, it was shot and edited only last year and it is a treat to hold up such contemporary work, piping hot from the factual baker’s documentary oven!

Three young Australian (the rest of the world take note, why do we expect these guys to do all the cool stuff) surfer dudes have a brainwave about what to do whilst they are not ‘hanging-ten’; They decided to take their snowboards to an unusual destination – Afghanistan. Allegedly, one of the most dangerous parts of the world but rather than encountering bearded stone-throwing Jihadis they discovered incredible mountains, breathtaking landscapes, and heart-warming communities of hospitable people.

Yes, your first reaction was right, there are no ski resorts inAfghanistan. There is not one single piste or ski-lift, so you guessed it, every virgin powder slope they want to run must first be conquered by an old-school six-hour plod through the enveloping snow. There’s nothing more perfect for this festival than a documentary about people doing something that nobody has done before. Ladies and gentlemen, this is that film.

Colour video 55 mins