World Traveller Adventures – Mission to India (1998)

Warning: This film is extremely unusual! It is 100% eligible for the ATFF yet utterly unique in its content.

A group of underground sound engineers, travellers, and new-age ravers hit the road in a bid to bring their dance music to a wider audience. Their scheme? To transport their entire caravan community, in its rag-tag convoy of 70s buses, trucks and jalopies to India. Once there, the plan is to start a new culture of techno on the sub-continent! This film is so unbelievable that it sounds like a pitch for a whacky psychedelic film but lo, it really happened.

The ‘production values’are at times, not quite what we are accustomed to but you cannot help but let them off. These aren’t people escaping the soul-crushing drudgery of a nine-to-five office prison with a few weeks of canoeing or cycling. No, this is a full time sub-culture where long distance travel is at the very heart of their credo. Be in no doubt, the sound that accompanies this giant tekno ‘hippy trail’ is fast, electronic 170 to 200 bpm and characterized by a relentless pounding bass-beat. If the keywords speedcore, Spiral Tribe and teknival mean nothing to you then you may leave feeling slightly confused. Conversely, if you can include the words, gabba, breakcore and Castlemorton Rave in a coherent sentence then this film is for you!

Colour video  50 mins
The underground rave scene is resolutely non-commercial. There is no website.