Continental Drift (2013)

An exciting 25,000-mile motorcycle ride from London to Sydney by two ordinary men looking for the trip of a lifetime.

 Continental Drift

It took just ten seconds for Darren and Dave, both keen motorcyclists and amateur film makers, to decide to travel half way around the world and ‘Just do it!’  The task was simple – ride from Darren’s home in the UK to Dave’s home in Australia. The trip would take them through Europe and onto the mighty Russian steppes, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan before they rode through the Himalayas winding up just 80kms from Mount Everest.

It seemed as if every time they were in the most remote areas mechanical trouble would challenge their zeal and wit.  But these were also the golden moments of the adventure, where the very best of human kindness by complete strangers saved the day on more than the odd occasion. Eventually they ventured into the deserts of Australia, where Darren discovered a queue of animals and insects seemingly waiting to kill him, before the pair safely arrived in Sydney, 4 months and 18,000 kilometres later.

A fast paced adventure film that reminds us that contrary to what the nightly news bulletins would have you believe, the world is jam-packed with wonderful people ready to hold out their hand of friendship and go out of their way to help a couple of hapless motorcyclists!

Colour video     70 minutes