Into the Empty Quarter (2013)

An exquisite case study of the very best film-making emerging from rising stars in the exploding Brit-adventure scene.

Empty Quarter

Wilfred Thesiger was one of Britain’s leading explorers and writers. His greatest journeys were through the world’s largest sand desert: the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Peninsula.

Inspired by their hero, DIY adventure Brits; Alastair Humphreys and Leon McCarron attempt a journey of their own into the Empty Quarter. Their trip is hastily-planned and low budget: unable to afford camels they instead hope to drag a homemade steel cart (loaded with 300kg of supplies) through the ferocious desert, destination, Dubai!

Their training and preparation consists of an abysmal ‘dry run’ on the beach at Southend. In no time, they are slogging into the sandy wastelands of Oman with a cart that will not steer. Undeterred they charm some locals who improvise a steering rack and they’re off. A thousand miles of searing heat, sleeping kit blowing away but no sign of self-pity or defeat. Humphreys and McCarron stay cheery and chipper and have you rooting for them every parched step of the way.

Colour video        52 minutes