Deep Water (2006)

This is Class A dynamite! One of the most sensational travel stories of the last century, packed with vintage charm yet geared for the modern audience.

Deep Water

From the director of Touching The Void comes an examination of the pressures and ambitions on an ordinary man, in a compelling documentary. The testimony and archive footage are a fascinating insight to the late 1960s and a ground-breaking round-the-world solo yacht race. The personal conflicts of duty to family, self and reputation are played out in one of the most memorable and affecting films ever seen. Most folk are not familiar with the history of this story but after sitting through it, your water-cooler moments for the next year will be booked solid.

This movie is a bitter sweet experience with an entertaining mix of thoughtful suspense, joy and drama. Once seen, it will make complete sense why it so obviously HAD to be best in show at this festival.

Colour video/16mm       90 minutes