Expedition Yemen: 120 Degrees in the Shade (2013)

‘You´ll die. Or get kidnapped by Al Qaeda. What you want to do is impossible!’

lo-res Expedition Yemen2

That is what all the experts and Yemenis told Swedish travel nut Mikael Strandberg. But he has done what they all said was impossible. That in itself is surely at the heart of this festival. People have been trying to get off the beaten track for years but in doing so they have beaten a new ‘track’ which we now need to ‘get off’. In this respect, Strandberg is a hero of this festival. Not for him a guided tour or ‘adventure holiday’. Instead, he cooks up something that isn’t simply physically difficult, it’s bureaucratically difficult too. Any experienced around-the-worlder will tell you that the latter is far more daunting…

He made his way into what many say is one of the most difficult countries in the world to enter, and one of the most dangerous. Together with the journalist Tanya Holm, Kensington the Camel and a few of the oldest inhabitants of Arabia, the Bedus, he travelled through one of the hottest deserts on earth. And guess what? They didn´t meet any terrorists, religious extremists and nobody got killed.

What they found during their search of the real Arabia, was a Middle Eastern country very different from the one portrayed in the global media. This film is exactly why this festival exists. ‘Nuff said…

Colour video      60 minutes     mikaelstrandberg.com

Expedition Yemen – 126 degrees In The Shade (OFFICIAL TRAILER) from Explorer Mikael Strandberg on Vimeo.