Harlan County USA (1976)

Oscar-winning documentary and stirring snapshot of people-power in 1970s Kentucky. Director Barbara Kopple captures raw humanity at its best, and worst. Bring a hanky…

lo-res HarlanCountyUSA

This film may not seem like an obvious selection for this festival but at its heart the ATFF is essentially all about getting into the soul of places and their people. Harlan County USA does exactly that. With its stirring and emotionally charged story of a long and bitter miners’ strike in 1970s Kentucky it truly captures the essence and spirit of a specific part of the world and puts you right in the centre of the community’s plight, transporting you back to an era where people believed they could stick together and make a difference. Also, if you’re missing The Jolenes this year, this is where you can get your bluegrass fix – the soundtrack is banjo-tastic!

Colour 35mm           103 minutes       cabincreekfilms.com