Mile, Mile and a Half (2013)

Art and the outdoors come together. Pure, simple,  elemental, and utterly perfect.

Mile Mile and a Half

In July of 2011, a group of five artists including director Jason Fitzpatrick, director Ric Serena, and still photographer Jen Serena, left their daily lives behind and set out on an 25-day journey on the 211-mile John Muir Trail. Their goal: to document the sights, sounds and experiences of life in California’s Sierra Nevada high country.

Through their time on the trail, the collective, now known as The Muir Project collected enough video, still photography and sound recordings to produce this feature length film. Unlike other adventure movies produced in today’s never ending series of one-upmanships – featuring die-hard rugged athletes defying all odds to endure the harshest conditions in the worst environments, Mile… Mile & a Half spins a different kind of tale. Rather than attacking your ego with incomparable heroism, the JMT group has made a delightful film that brings the viewer along with five friends whose passions for the arts and the outdoors carries them through 25 adventure-filled and fun days of their life on the trail. This is mellow, beautiful and serene. Bring a glass of wine…

Colour video       87 minutes