Nahanni (2013)

A wilderness expedition that truly shows the insignificance of man against nature’s folio of rain, rock, water and wood. Look upon my works ye mighty, and despair!


On June 29, 1964, Montreal explorer Jean Poirel discovered the headwaters of the mighty Nahanni river. Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in the Northwest Territories of Canada, the Nahanni is nicknamed the man-eater. In total, 41 people have lost their lives whilst trying to master this river. Poirel and his teammates became the first men to navigate down the Nahanni aboard a lifeboat scrounged from the Canadian Army.

On June 29, 2009, Stephanie Huc and Jean Guillemot with the help of a Canadian team (Selena Cordeau, Katie Young, Brad Kooy) follow the path of the men of the Nahanni. They covered the 750 km of river in inflatable and traditional canoes, from its source to the LiardRiver. Nahanni is a truly independent film, and at its heart, a river movie.  The aesthetic images and the original music specially composed for the film, will take you on a sensory adventure. Immerse yourself in the white foam and listen to the heartbeat of the river, drag your eyes along the banks and feel the essence of the forest. This film is a tribute to man’s love affair with the wilderness and his determination to be part of it.

Colour video       45 mins  (French with English subtitles)