The Ride (2013)

‘I never knew the outback was so wheelchair accessible!’

The Ride

This is the first film to be shown in three years of the ATFF that deals with the travails and challenges of not just an overland journey, but far more poignantly, the world of the disabled traveller. Strap yourself in as four Aussie blokes swap wheelchairs for quad bikes and embark on the ride of their lives. This documentary charts their 5,000km adventure across the outback, as they visit the crash sites where their lives changed forever. Yup, their route concertedly connects together each of the locations where in a moment, years ago, they went from able-bodied action men to semi-paralysed. This is an emphatically powerful documentary that will reduce even the most thick-skinned cynic to cascades of tears. Three men are paraplegics and one a quadriplegic, making this no ordinary road movie. This is not a film about mud, deserts or harsh weather. It is a soul-stirring testament to the power of the inner man and a different kind of ‘don’t give up’ message from what this festival might normally promulgate. Fuelled by bold humour and disarming honesty, The Ride is a wild traverse across the terrain of the human spirit, as four men make peace with the tragedy of their past.

Colour video           55 mins