We Like Short Shorts!

The very essence of the festival is captured in this collection of hot new short films. If you want to see a revolution in travel documentary happening before your very eyes, this is it…

Wild Steppe (2012)

Shorts-Wild SteppeMeet Matt and Jamie, two footloose addicts of Central Asia and a local chap, Alpamys, a young nomadic Mongol-Kazakh eagle hunter. Together they venture on horseback in to the wild and windswept steppes of Western Mongolia. For the Europeans, totally clueless about how to ride a horse, the aim of their mini Mongolian odyssey is to learn the essential skills of long distance equestrian travel which they plan to use for an 1100km ride across Eastern Kazakhstan in 2013.  If you have a lust for the near-mystical lands where eagle hunters and nomads dwell, the light-hearted and lively Wild Steppe is for you.

Colour video            10 minutes          matthewtraver.com

Britain’s Last Wilderness (2013)

Shorts-Britain's Last Wilderness

A week on the isolated Knoydart peninsula in Scotland’s Western Highlands: an easy enough camping holiday, but remove the technical clothing, the tent, the sleeping bag, and the food, and you have a much more serious proposition. As a climber and mountaineer it is all about the kit, the lightest you can get away with, the minimal amount of food you have to carry, hours of research and planning, hundreds of pounds spent on equipment… Take all that away and the adventure immediately becomes accessible to anyone and everyone. With only a blanket, 200 grams of oats, a knife, a ‘specialist’ tool each, and the knowledge hastily scrounged from books and a 3-hour foraging course, Ben Sadd and his buddies set out to spend a week in “Britain’s Last Wilderness”. Prepare to be impressed.

Colour video       13 minutes   trailtoanywhere.com

Stress, Snowfall and the Inner Child (2012)

Shorts-Stress,Snowfall,InnerChildATFF attendees will no doubt agree that nature is often the best remedy for the stress of everyday life. This animated short illustrates the joy of escaping to a backcountry cabin and celebrates life’s simple pleasures that can be found in getting away from it all – snow, a log cabin and a faithful dog.  If this utterly charming film doesn’t have you re-energised and fill you with delight then don’t bother seeing your doctor, you’re already dead.

Colour animation        5 minutes         mbiagiotti.com

African Skies (2013)

Shorts-African_SkiesLike a bird leaving its nest for the first time, flying into pristine and unspoiled places is mostly a psychological challenge that can put tremendous pressure on a pilot. This film is an airborne adventure combining elements of great beauty and independence with a degree of risk and danger. Enter the Cessna 182, fasten your seat belt and enjoy some of the best moments while flying over Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. The journey lasted about one month – you’ve got the chance to do it in ten minutes without taking any risk. Lie back and enjoy! Seriously this is the root of the expression, ‘Free as a bird‘.

Colour video      10 minutes       fontafilm.ch

28 Feet (2013)

Shorts-28 FeetStories of a life afloat are close to our hearts here at the Adventure Travel Film Festival so imagine our delight when this little beauty popped up in our floating inbox! Twenty Eight Feet is a short documentary about David Welsford, who has given up the luxuries of land in search for happiness and adventure on a 50-year old wooden sailing boat he restored from a scrap heap. Be ready for a staggeringly exquisite film that will make you desperate to leave your land-lubbing existence behind and have you Ebay-ing all your possessions immediately!

Colour video       9 minutes      twentyeightfeet.com

Amazon Souls (2013)

Shorts-Amazon SoulsA British born Bengali girl, Sarah Begum’s curiosity and thirst for adventure soon led to the greatest expedition of her life. She became the youngest female documentarian at 21 years of age to produce a film in the Amazon rainforest. There, Sarah lived with the Huaorani tribe, hunted with the warriors, gathered with the women and was initiated into their existence. With an interest in ancient civilizations and a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, Sarah has since been exploring the world, embarking on adventures and working on various film and humanitarian projects. You go girl!

Colour video      30 minutes         sarahbegum.tv