20,000 Miles on A Horse (2007)

20,000miles.4 - lo res

They say that certain TV commissioners will order a series simply on the strength of a good title. If anyone can come up with a better one than this then there’s a prize of £1.27 waiting for them at the registration tent!  Louis Bruhnke (American)and Vladimir Fissenko (Russian), celebrate the new détente of glasnost by teaming up to ride a couple of horses from the tip of Argentina to Alaska over five years in the late 80s and early 90s. This film is so astounding you will once again wonder how on earth it isn’t on the Discovery Channel every single night! Adventure travel? Oooooh yes, we think so. Not content with all the normal aggro that accompanies self-funded, unsupported, trans-continental travel; these guys endure extra hardships that only strict EU directives on ‘spoilers’ prevent us from revealing. Ensure you catch this film, it will put your Colwyn Bay pony-trekking stories into perspective…

Colour video, 108 mins

20,000 Miles on a Horse from 1895 Films on Vimeo.