Arctic Air (2014)


This festival is pleased, nay, proud, to promote the hardy world of human-powered adventure travel alongside the trans-global epics achieved by people on motorbikes, horses and cars. This exquisite film falls into the former category. The McCann brothers make their way to Greenland and then arrange to be dumped in the most inhospitable location. They could have chosen somewhere in the Bahamas but no, for them the jagged mountain snow-packed wilderness of Eastern Greenland’s Caledonian Alps – a godforsaken wilderness of ice and granite if ever there was one. The feisty McCanns make this their playground and demonstrate that the British are STILL world leaders in low-budget DIY adventure goonery and that yes, two youngsters with a fire in their belly and a few key skills can turn in a first-class adventure film. Adrenalin, check. Ice-climbing/paragliding, check. Manly McCann masculine mayhem, check.

Colour video, 32 mins