Going the Distance (2015)

Going Distance lo res

Brit newlyweds Mike and Alanna Clear decided to do things in reverse. So they spend their first three years together, testing their marriage to destruction! They bought a 1930s styled URAL motorcycle and sidecar, shipped it to Alaska and then set their sights on Ushuaia, 20,000 miles away in Argentina. Rather brilliantly, the stress kicked in well before they left because they had a secondary mission: to make a serious documentary about what it takes to hold a relationship together – a project they cleverly called ‘Going The Distance’. En route they interviewed hundreds of couples (which in Mormon Utah comprised of considerably more than two people) and asked them what it took to make a marriage ‘work’. The resulting film is one of the most original and remarkable films of the last decade. An odyssey in the truest sense but more than that, a film that has absolutely no competition.

Colour video, 85 mins