Gold of Bengal (2014)


This is the proof that after 363 empty days without a film-festival, the wait is over! Oh Lordy, another staggeringly good film of an achingly perfect project. French engineers, Corentin de Chatelperron is our utterly gorgeous host who takes us on a sailing trip we’ll never forget. Not for him the heart-of-darkness gloom of Donald Crowhurst but an affirmation of everything that is bright and good and true. Corentin sails his tiny home-made boat crafted from jute fibre (yes, that’s a kind of organic string) with two chickens in the cabin and an allotment in the bows. He pilots his floating ‘good life’ from France to Indonesia with a wide-eyed childish joy that is normally crushed in any schoolboy by the time he is ten, practicing a consciously lo-fi organic back-to-basics credo that will have eco-warriors swooning. Corentin’s brilliant ‘off the grid’ ethos gives him the carbon arse-print of someone for whom each buttock is the size of a tic-tac. Prepare to be impressed and for this young garcon, to give carbon credit and adventure travel praise where it is due.

Colour video, 52 mins