Hitchtanbul (2013)

Hitchanbul lo res

Dimitri and Karsten are heroes of this festival. They take DIY goonery to a new level and via one of our favourite mediums, hitch-hiking. This festival firmly attests that there’s no sweeter adventure than being thrown into the cab of a total stranger’s car and having to ‘get on’. The class-A, 24-carat uncertainty of what hitching will bring is surely what makes it so rewarding. Non-hitchers fallaciously misconceive that it’s a skinflint’s mode of transport. Poor children, lost in the darkness of ignorance. Little do most people realise that today’s ‘recreational hitch-hikers’ aren’t after savings – they’re after stories, and in the cab of a stranger’s car is where they come from.  We rarely curse in this brochure but frankly, this is The Shit.

Colour video, 62 mins