Into The Sea (2014)

Into.The.Sea.3 - lo res

Part of the joy of this being a truly independent film festival, unbeholden to over-bearing sponsors or Arts Council bureaucrats is that we can bend the rules on a whim. When we first found out about this film we weren’t sure it technically fitted the ‘adventure travel’ spec but we were so impressed that we simply had to include it.  Suffice to say that a French female film-maker who documents a women’s Irish surf champion teaching local girls to ‘hang ten’ in the wildest and most conservative part of Iran simply cannot be ignored. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something like Into The Sea turns up and we have to all recalibrate and adjust the datum once more. This is a truly stirring and original idea, genuinely one of a kind and the resulting documentary is an inspirational delight!

Colour video, 52 mins