In Search of a River in War-Torn Africa (2014)

Angola2 lo res

Angola is something of an enigma. Its oil and diamonds have made it the fastest growing economy in Africa, yet the majority of its population live below the breadline. Its 27-year war left it devastated, and although in full recovery, it has still forgotten the meaning of the word, ‘tourist’. This film is part of a 66-day expedition to find the source of the Okavango River, undertaken by well-known adventure traveller and film-maker, Andrew St.Pierre White. The series sees him take his trusty 4×4 solo through the length of Namibia, and then into Angola, where, from the source in the Angolan Highlands, he follows the Okavango to finally witness the water disappearing into the desert, deep in the Kalahari in Botswana. This film is the Angolan section of that expedition, with all the sights, flavours, colours and textures of this astonishing and less-travelled country.

Colour video, 63 mins