Nobody’s River (2014)

Nobodys River lo res

This is a film that should be watched by all festival attendees with a beating heart and a rhythmic pulse. Too much of the ‘adventure’ landscape is cluttered up with ridiculous posturing and feigned hardship. The women that paddled the thousands of miles in this film are exactly the antidote to these maladies. Amber, Becca, Krystal and Sabra cheerfully wheedle their kayaks along the Amur River, across the pristine purity of the Mongolian steppe and the harsh landscape of industrial Russia. They don’t waste time exaggerating their toughness but instead soak up every second of utterly perfect natural beauty and wallow in the gooey joy that only comes from being with friends in wild places. There is a dark and sad side to this film which naturally, this description dare not tell. Come along, paddler or not, and enjoy this very special film. Verily, thou shalt be enriched by its righteousness…

Colour video, 31 mins

NOBODY’S RIVER – TRAILER from NRS Films on Vimeo.