Solidream (2014)

Solidream - lo res

It is with great joy that we announce that the most popular genre of film submitted to this festival is that of ‘Cycling Around The World’. It seems that everyone is at it and three cheers for that. However, if you are one of the film-makers then this would be a bad year for you since you were, unbeknownst to you, up against Solidream. Quite how someone could make a better long-distance cycling film than this is beyond us. Four French chums, who, like Jacques Dutronc and Sacha Distel are about eight-thousand times dishier than the average British adventure cyclist, set off around the world. They pedal their way over 30,000 miles, often choosing the road less travelled and tackling every setback with good humour and a refreshing lack of moaning. Such are the challenges of human-powered expeditioning that this film was three years in the making. We must be eternally grateful for the effort these chaps made, this film is a legendary success!

Colour video, 92 mins