Somewhere Else Tomorrow (2013)

Somewhere else tomorrow lo res

Daniel Rintz is fast becoming something of a legend in the world’s adventure motorcycle community. His old-fashioned, unpretentious and consciously un-macho movie may well be the shape of things to come. Part of the new cohort of ‘digital nomads’ Daniel makes his way around the world and every now and then is able to earn a few euros with some dongle-based computer wizardry. His route starts in Germany, careers (hoho) over to the UK, takes in North Africa and Asia on his way to Nepal before sliding down to Australia. The multiplicity of cultures, religions and experiences are lapped up by this two-wheeled drifter but not without him first hovering up the scene with his hungry lens. This is a heart-warming and visceral film that re-establishes the fact that long distance trans-continental travel isn’t about miles, it’s about people. Daniel, we salute you.

Colour video, 62 mins