Wanderlust Video Postcards

Shipping Yard

Hurrah! We are proud to announce, in collaboration with our fabulous media partner; Wanderlust Magazine, the launch of a new category of film. This year we have been sent a slew of short films that we call ‘video postcards’ – short but sweet flashes of faraway lands – the 21st century version of the 70s slideshow. All these films are made by members of the public but are all stunning in their breadth, vision and sheer technical perfection. Despite each of them being only a few minutes in duration, they all look as if they were made by professional crews with lashings of budget. If there was any part of this festival that showcases the staggeringly high standard that ‘non-TV industry’ amateur film-makers have currently reached, this is it!

The Lonely Planet Omelette Shop - Press Image 2 - lo resThe Lonely Planet Omelette Shop (2014)
A charming look at an Indian institution that peddles er, omelettes
7 mins



100_TOKYO_SECONDS lo res

100 Tokyo Seconds (2014)
A technicolour whirl through the Japanese city
1.5 mins



Thailand.2 - lo resThailand, Another World (2014)
A quick but dreamy visit to paradise
2 mins



PERU still 1 - lo resPeru (2014)
A colourful exploration of this South American gem
3 mins



still 3 Hargeisa - lo resHargeisa (2014)
A stark and challenging insight into Somalia’s second city and its inhabitants
18 mins



Colombia3 - lo resNo Soy de Aqui (2014)
An intimate portrait of a Colombian coffee-growing family
13 mins



Shipping.Yard.3 - lo resThe Shipping Yard (2014)
The daily grit and grind of life at Dubai’s unglamorous docks
3 mins



Jan.Shatabdi.1 - lo resJan Shatabdi Express (2014)
The colourful madness of an Indian train journey
1 min



All colour video