Karun: Misadventures On Iran’s Longest River (2016)


Two Brits traverse Iran by pack-raft, bicycle and Shanks’ Pony. Misadventures abound as they follow Iran’s longest river – the Karun.

Leon McCarron and Tom Allen are wellrespected elder statesmen of the UK adventure travel scene. Add to that, they are both filmmakers and story tellers of the highest order of such prolific output that Karun isn’t even their latest film! As high priests of human-powered adventure this film is almost like a Swiss Army knife of adventure travel; it’s got everything in it. However, with Tom Allen having learned to speak Farsi, they really get under the skin of this most misunderstood of nations. This festival is 100% pro-Iranian and will take to its bosom anybody else who has realised the spectacular human decency that radiates from the warm heart of Persia. As ridiculous governments decide to gather their toys back into the diplomatic pram, let us join together and use this delightful film as inspiration for our own trips to Iran, whenever they may be…

2016 • Directed by Tom Allen and Leon McCarron • Video • 57 mins