Mondo Enduro (1996)

Mondo Enduro

Seven mates set off from Mill Hill School on a mission to motorcycle the longest land route possible around the world.

Fourteen months later, they got back. By then, down to four. Mondo Enduro is our Saturday night starlight screening because it was exactly twenty years ago that Austin, Clive, Chas and Louis clattered along the Ridgeway, and in front of Mill Hill’s giant portico, finally came to rest. Their weary 350s had an extra 44,000 miles on them and that, they thought, was that. What noone anticipated is that their lo-fi goonery would actually end up on TV. However, the Discovery channel had never heard of a self-filmed aroundthe-world motorbike travel documentary and tentatively commissioned a doc from what was (a staggeringly low) 20 hours of footage and 45 mins of super 8. Mondo Enduro was well received but in the twenty years since the lads got back to Mill Hill it has taken on a life of its own. We screen it as an anniversary special but also as this festival’s call to arms. If there was ever a film to demonstrate that a bunch of utterly ordinary people, with hardly any resources, can have a world-class travel adventure AND make a film about it, Mondo Enduro is it.

Come on, let’s go!

1996 • Directed By Peter Higgins • Hi8 video • 96 mins