Peeled Faces on the Amazon: The Story of the Amazon Express (2015)

Peeled Faces on the Amazon

A squad of Americans paddle this legendary river from source to sea.

When Texan speed-canoeing fanatic,  West Hansen, found out about a ‘new’ source of the mighty Amazon, it took him only a few moments to realise that this was one of the last great adventures available on the earth today. The problem was that the upper reaches of the Amazon, via the new headwaters, were a boiling cauldron of white-water madness that few humans were capable of navigating. Hansen quickly recruited a team of worldclass kayakers and long-distance endurance paddlers. Between them they formed his crack team and the challenge was on. Four months and 4000 miles later they nailed it.

This film is exhausting to watch. Why? Because it’s just so bloody impressive.

2015 • Directed by West Hansen • Video • 103 mins