Seaside Donkey (2015)

Seaside Donkey - Hannah and Chico

A welsh woman walks the 1000 mile perimeter of wales. She travels with a donkey named chico who invigorates and infuriates in equal measure.

Hannah Engelkamp has been a friend to this  festival since its inception. It is a shimmering thrill to hear about someone’s proposed adventure, hear that they filmed it and then  actually realise that the footage was successfully edited into a delightful and effective documentary. That’s what Hannah’s done! Her six-month circuit around the Land of Her Fathers (but NOT in shawl and giant bonnet) has become something of a legend in the theatre of UK based adventures. Hannah never had to brave giant snakes or desolate wilderness (save the section between Port Talbot and Neath) but by simply having a living animal as part of the team, everything changes. Chico is not the beast of burden, he is stupendously in charge. This is a gorgeous project and a beautiful case-study of how hard it is to get animals to do what you want if you don’t use violence as an incentive.

Seriously, no animals were hurt during the making of this film but by golly they came  pretty close!

2015 • Directed by Rhys Thwaites-Jones • Video • 75 mins