The Great Game – 30,000 miles across Central Asia (2016)


London to Kuala Lumpar and back, via china, Iran and everything in between. A classic overland route undertaken and filmed by one man in a land cruiser.

Jon Beardmore is your classic Kiwi.  Likeable, understated and terrifyingly determined. He had his heart set on an insanely challenging route that picked up pretty much every country on the Eurasian landmass. Piloting his trusty 4×4 who he nicknamed ‘Boris’, he weaves his way on a 30,000 mile road-trip that in the adventure travel community is fast becoming the stuff of legend. As a modern-day Marco Polo, Beardmore has no equal. He basks in the joy of breath-taking scenery whilst good-naturedly dealing with every fast ball thrown at him by the Gods of the Road. All this and still finding time to film a truly delightful documentary and organising the world’s first high-altitude cricket match in the pastures of the Wakhan corridor in Afghanistan. Beardmore sounds like a pretty experienced film-making adventurer but that’s why he’s a hero to this festival; he’d never done anything like this before.

2016 • Directed by Jon Beardmore • Video • 61 mins