The Traveller (2014)

The Traveller

A sprightly Frenchman is walking around  the world and finds himself crossing Siberia  in the middle of their winter.

Dimitri Kieffer is a determined guy. He is also kind, charming, gentle and funny. His four- year project of doing a full human-powered  circum-perambulation is extraordinary to behold. He has propelled himself well over 12,000 miles so far. This film captures one section of that odyssey (at last, a chance to use that word in an appropriate context) as he heads south west from the Bering Straits down into Siberia proper. He pulls a mighty sled behind him which forms his mobile HQ as he goes. Dimitri is not following any kind of trail. He is literally marching on a bearing, striking out across the frozen waste of this most isolated of places.

This film will give you a moment of  re-calibration, a re-boot and a re-think.

2014 • Directed by Vivienne Smith • Video • 52 mins