Unbranded (2015)


Four friends ride recently ‘tamed’ stallions  from the Mexican frontier through back-country America up to the Canadian border.

Ben Masters noticed an unusual horse fact in modern America. The wilderness areas of the Lower 48 were over-run with wild horses, or as they are correctly known, Mustangs. Masters wanted to draw attention to the plight of these equines that the authorities have essentially abandoned. Masters and his buddies select some animals, painstakingly break them in and then head north, along Rio Bravo canyon. All of us were raised on cinema westerns but this film, now a smash hit across the pond, reminds us that horsemanship is a gentle art. Our modern day pioneers are both tested and elated by their steeds and have an experience that most of us can only dream of. Interestingly, this phenomenally beautiful film is a case-study in Kickstarter style crowdfunding.

Come for the purity of the prairie, but leave thinking about the staggering quality of movie that can get made without the blessing of the film and TV industry.

2015 • Directed by Phillip Baribeau • Video • 45 mins