Urban Escape (2015)

Urban Escape

This year’s ‘unusual’ film chronicles the subversive investigations of a group of Europeans into a series of forbidden places in the USA. Mondo Trespass a-go-go!

There’s not much traditional adventure travel in this film (unless you include the very real possibility of being arrested and prosecuted). However, as Dr Johnson famously wrote: “If a man is tired of abandoned buildings and factories, then he is tired of life”. Our cameramen (who shall remain anonymous) drive a van across America, using the Dark Web and disposable mobile phones to make contact with a very, very short list of like-minded Yanks who share their fascination for the modern day Machu Picchu – the abandoned building. Add to this a few visits to ‘vast’ places to which the public simply are denied access (suspension bridge towers etc) and you have a film that is far more independent and ‘out-there’ than an ascent of Everest. This film is fascinating, has absolutely no comparison and is truly unique. That’s why we love it.

2015 • Directed by Mélanie de Groot Van Embden & David de Rueda • Video • 52 mins